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Classic Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, Personalised Baby Book, Baby Journal, Baby Shower, New Mum gift, Pregnancy Baby Gift, Baby Shower Gift, Pregnancy Gift

Dinosaur theme throughout the book

  • This book is A4
  • Classic Pooh theme throughout the book
  • This book has a personalised cover page
  • This gorgeous baby book contains 72 pages for you to fill in with all your memories from preganncy to 5 years old. 
  • There are spaces for 6x4 size photos through the book.
  • Pages are a nice and thick 250gsm matt velvet paper
  • Frosted cover and back cover sheet
  • White wire bound which makes it an easy way to fill in without ruining the spine of a book.
  • Works for all families etc mum/dad, same sex, single parents. This book uses the work 'parent'
  • Pages Include

- Cover
- Intro page
- About the parents
- While we waited 
- Ultrasound photos 
- First day stats 
- First photo
- First day story 
- Hand and footprints
- Monthly photo & highlights (From 1 month old to one year) 
- Your family
- Your name
- Growth chart
- Teeth chart  
- Motor Milestones 
- Firsts chart (for documenting first smile, wave, etc) 
- First house
- First pet
- First bath
- First haircut
- First food
- First artwork
- First birthday stats
- First birthday photo
- First year journal pages 
- General photo pages
- BONUS: Years 2–5 photos and highlights

Classic Pooh Baby Book

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